Rewearing Outfits / Thanksgiving

Hello!! Today’s blog post is featuring an outfit that I wore on Thanksgiving last year, in honor of Thanksgiving being one week (!!!!) from today. I purchased this outfit at Lord and Taylor which is one of my favorite department stores. Sadly, we don’t have it in Seattle (it’s only in New York)…but that doesn’t stop me from constantly browsing their online store! They have tons of holiday clothing right now, which you can find here.

Random thing about me…I used to hate rewearing dresses/outfits. Is it just me or does anyone else think about the Lizzie McGuire movie scene where Kate called Lizzie an outfit repeater, every time they rewear something??  I definitely consider myself a shopaholic and have way to many dresses, but it’s so unreasonable to wear a completely new dress every single day. Also, when I find a dress I love…why would I only want to wear it once? Thankfully those old ways are behind me and I’m embracing some older pieces in my closet by mixing them with different pieces and making them look completely new!

I am honestly in shock that Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) is next week. This year has gone by insanely fast and as sad as I am about fall coming to an end, I am SO excited about Christmastime!!! I can’t wait to share all of my gift guides that I have been working on.


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