Hello 2018 / Goals for my Year

Happy New Year!!! 2017 went by so fast and I’m going into the New Year with optimism and excitement. I typically make a bunch of New Year’s resolutions that I forget within a week (oops). This year I’ve decided to set some more realistic goals, because “eating healthy” and “drinking more water” will never be realistic when I could be eating pizza and drinking a Shirley Temple instead.


  1. Perform more random acts of kindness – I always feel so joyful after performing a random act of kindness. Whether it’s paying it forward at Starbucks or surprising a friend with a random gift…I truly love surprising strangers (or people I know and love) with gifts. Even just a compliment can completely make someone’s day.
  2. Smile at strangers when passing them on the street – Living in New York for a year got me very used to rushing through the streets with my head down (or looking at my phone). While Seattle is somewhat fast-paced, it is nowhere near as fast-paced as New York is. Whether I’m at school or in the mall, I’m going to try harder this year to smile at strangers and to be as friendly as possible.
  3. Stop constantly worrying about the future – 99% of my day is spent planning/worrying about my future. Rather than enjoying the time I’m in, I constantly am worried about the future and the “unknown”. While it is scary to not know what’s in my future, it’s also exciting..and I shouldn’t let fear overcome the present. Ultimately I don’t have control over so much of my future, so why spend all of my time worrying about something that is out of my hands?
  4. Travel to a new place – I absolutely love weekend getaways and have so much fun visiting new places. This year I hope to make it to either: Italy, Greece, or Iceland (or all three!?)
  5. Live more intentionally – I want to live a meaningful life filled with purpose and intention! I hope throughout this year I can focus on that.

Thanks for reading & Happy New Year!!
Much love,


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