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Sweater dresses are one of my favorite ways to look cute yet still be comfy in the fall/winter seasons. When I saw the one I’m wearing in today’s post, I immediately had to buy it and I am so glad that I did. The material is pretty thick which makes it still warm. Since it’s been getting so cold lately I’m so happy to finally have another item that will keep me warm.

The leaves are all starting to fall and I’m so sad about it! The fall foliage was especially vibrant this year and I’m sad to see the colors go…but I am excited to start seeing Christmas lights and Christmas decorations everywhere. I have just added a new section on my blog and it is specifically for the holiday season! In that section you will find tons of gift guides, holiday outfit ideas, and more being uploaded daily (once Thanksgiving ends).

Thank you for reading! Before fall ends, check out a few of my favorite posts from the fall season: here, here, and here.

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