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Weekend Getaway Goals for 2018

If we’re being honest, the only thing that gets me through school is planning weekend getaways. I am not a school person. at all. I would much rather be traveling around Europe or laying on the beach of a tropical island, but instead I spend Monday-Friday in a classroom listening to information that I will (most definitely) forget very shortly after hearing it.

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Montreál Day 2

Hello!! I was going through my photos from 2017 and realized that I never shared my Montreál Day 2 post with you guys! If you didn’t read my Montreál Day 1 post, go check that out here. Since we only had two full days, my friend Francesca and I wanted to make the most of our days by fitting in a ton of different activities. On this day, we traveled to Mount Royal, which is a hill overlooking the city. The view was gorgeous and it was so fun to see all of the city buildings along with the fall colors everywhere. We also went to the Lachine Canal and ate at some great restaurants. 🙂

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Weekend Getaway / Montreál Day 1

I had the most amazing weekend getaway in Montreál this past weekend, with one of my friends from New York!! I had never been to Montreál before, and I loved exploring all of the cool neighborhoods and trying out new restaurants and foods. The city was so beautiful and has me craving a trip to Paris now! These photos were taken near McGill University. We stumbled upon this area while wandering around the streets, and I’m so glad that we found this spot! The buildings next to the fall foliage was absolutely stunning! If you’re looking for a weekend getaway destination, I highly recommend a trip to Montreál!

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