Trendy Colors for Spring

Zara has always been one of my favorite stores for trendy pieces. I hate splurging on trendy pieces that will go out of style soon, so Zara is perfect for pieces like that. They have pretty reasonable prices and are always one of the first stores to have the trendy pieces for each season.

On my past few trips into Zara, I’ve noticed two colors that have been taking over the store: red and mustard yellow. Both of those colors have been filling up the store and are definitely going to be taking over this Spring.

I’m always a fan of red, so I’m super excited to see it all over this spring! I got the red dress in the photos below from Zara, and I absolutely love it. It’s super classy and I love the bright cherry-red color. I created a lookbook that includes some of my favorite red pieces for this spring!

Dress / Boots / Fanny Pack / Hat


Thank you so much for reading & stay tuned for a post in the next few weeks featuring my favorite mustard yellow pieces. Also, check out one of my other posts from SoHo…right here!

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