Weekend Getaway Goals for 2018

If we’re being honest, the only thing that gets me through school is planning weekend getaways. I am not a school person. at all. I would much rather be traveling around Europe or laying on the beach of a tropical island, but instead I spend Monday-Friday in a classroom listening to information that I will (most definitely) forget very shortly after hearing it.

The day I graduate from college will most likely be one of the happiest days of my life. However, I don’t want to waste away my days waiting for the future. So…I take advantage of my weekends.

While sitting in my Economics class the other day, I booked a flight to Charleston for next month. Last semester I went on a last minute trip to New York in September, and Montreal in November. My goal for this year is to travel to one place a month (if not more). My January trip was Hawaii, and Charleston will be February! I truly have no idea where I will go for the other 10 months of the year…but that’s what makes it all so exciting and adventurous.

The lifestyle section of my blog will be filled with travel guides and tips for planning the perfect weekend getaway, so stay tuned for those!! Thank you so much for reading.

Much love,


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