10 Bloggers to Follow

Not only do I love blogging, but I also love following other bloggers! I truly believe in community over competition and have made so many great friends through blogging. I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite bloggers to follow and share them with you! Enjoy!!

1. Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls

I’ve followed Caitlin for years now and am obsessed with her style and photos. She got married last year and had the most beautiful wedding & now lives in the perfect home! I love following her travels and seeing her adorable (& affordable) outfits.

10 Bloggers to Follow

2. Jennifer of JenniferxLauren

I first fell in love with Jennifer’s Instagram feed after seeing lots of pink! She wears tons of pink, purple, and peach pieces that I’m always adding to my cart. She recently bought a second home in California and is now posting the dreamiest LA photos!

10 Bloggers to Follow

3. Peyton of Love n Labels

Peyton is basically Barbie and is one of my all-time-favorite bloggers! Her style is to-die-for and she has the sweetest personality. Her outfits always inspire me to have fun with my style and to add bold, fun pieces to my wardrobe!

10 Bloggers to Follow

4. Sydney of Promise Me Pearls

Sydney is one of my best blogger friends! She is the sweetest Southern Belle and has the cutest style. She’s getting married in September, so if you’re interested in southern style and wedding content…check her out!!

10 Bloggers to Follow

5. Hillary of Hillheady

Hillary is one of my good friends from Charleston who I met through blogging! Her photos are honestly #goals. Her perfect outfits always match the beautiful streets of Charleston! I always look forward to being inspired by her colorful, beautiful photos each day.

10 Bloggers to Follow

6. Kelsey of Chasing Cinderella

Kelsey is another one of my sweet friends from Charleston! She got engaged a few days ago (!!!) so if you’re looking for wedding content definitely check her out! Kelsey posts tons of affordable pieces that are so cute. She also has the cutest pups ever!!

10 Bloggers to Follow

7. Francesca of FrancescaDulcich

Francesca is a new blogger, and one of my best friends that I met a few years ago. Her photos look straight out of a magazine & she styles her outfits perfectly! I love following her for photo and outfit inspiration.

10 Bloggers to Follow

8. Amy of I Believe in Pink

Amy’s photos always bring a smile to my face! She is a big fan of color (specifically pink, like me!) and is always sharing the best pieces. She also travels all the time and her adventures look like so much fun! If you love Lilly Pulitzer, traveling, and pink, check her out!

10 Bloggers to Follow

9. Dani of DaniAustin

I had the privilege of meeting Dani at New York Fashion Week last fall and she was so sweet. Dani shares fashion and lifestyle content – and also has a YouTube channel! One of my favorite parts about following Dani is because of her Instagram stories! She posts tons of stories each day and they are always so entertaining.

10 Bloggers to Follow

10. Kelsie of Sassy Southern Blonde

Kelsie shares tons of colorful content on her feed! I love following her and seeing her adorable finds each day. One of my favorite posts from her recently was her Spring Wedding Guest Guide!

10 Bloggers to Follow

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  1. Love this Post! Caitlin is a fave of mine too. I’ll have to check out these other ladies as well, especially ince I’m a huge fan of pink (obviously lol!)

  2. I love finding new bloggers to follow! I have followed Caitlin for years too and her pictures are just so good!


  3. I follow almost all of these lovely ladies, but a couple of them are new faces to me. I’ll have to check out all the pages. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I follow a few of these bloggers as well- caitlin was probably one of the first bloggers I discovered yearsss ago! Will DEFINITELY check a few of these out!

  5. So many amazing bloggers right here!! i have to check out the ones that i don’t know already!!! thanks for sharing!