10 Items That Are “Worth It” to Buy in January

After all of the spending that takes place in December, January is often one of those months where you’re saving money and spending wisely. I love using the month to spend gift-cards that I received for Christmas, and tend to take it easy on the shopping. However, I definitely do a little shopping (I just can’t help myself!). I’m going to be sharing 10 items that are worth it to buy in January.

1 / Pink Faux Fur Jacket

I got this jacket for Christmas and it is so soft! It comes in multiple colors and can be worn so many ways. I threw it over a sweater dress and added some booties!

2 / Goddess Face Mask

If you’re going to use any face mask this month, I highly recommend the one linked above. I have been using it for about 4-5 months now and am absolutely obsessed. My skin has been so soft since I started using it and my skin has also been way better!

3 / Black Booties

I wear these black booties multiple times a week. They go with everything! I typically wear them with tights in the winter and without in the fall and other seasons. They are so comfy!

4 / Earrings

I am a big fan of statement earrings! They can truly transform any outfit. Rather than getting a whole new outfit for your next girl’s night, save money by getting some statement earrings to pair with a classic black dress like the one listed below.

5 / Little Black Dress

A classic black dress is an essential to any wardrobe. On Wednesday I will be sharing 5 ways to style this specific black dress, so keep your eyes out for that post!

6 / Pink Lipstick

I always have my lipstick on me! I wear Milan Mode by MAC basically everyday, and have a few that I wear on occasion. I absolutely love MAC’s lipsticks and think they are perfect for everyday wear. They have tons of shades in case you aren’t a fan of bright pink like I am!

7 / Nutra Nail

If you get frequent manicures, you need Nutra Nail. I swear by it! It heals your nails so quickly and helps them grow super fast, especially after using shellac/gel.

8 / Black Boots

I’ve had these black boots for 2+ years now and absolutely love them. They are so comfy and complement any outfit.

9 / Bobbi Brown Nudes Palette

A must-have addition to your makeup collection! I wear makeup everyday, but don’t experiment too much with different eye-makeup. This palette is perfect for an everyday look!

10 / Diffuser

I absolutely love diffusing essential oils and find it a necessity for my everyday life. I highly recommend it!

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  1. Yes to the faux fur and the boots! Still plenty of winter left and we need those cozy items. Love this list!!


  2. About the only thing I don’t have from this list is that nail-growing product… which I desperately need considering how often my nails break! Great suggestions!

  3. These are really fabulous buys! I am loving the nudes palette, I received that for Christmas! The statement earrings are really nice too!