10 Things I’m Grateful For

I woke up on Saturday morning wishing it was Monday. Um… what? And no, not because I started school today. I really would love a few more weeks of summer! However, I have found myself learning to look forward to the weekdays rather than the weekend. This may change once the homework starts piling up on top of my blog work and social life…but for now, I’m welcoming Mondays with open arms! Keep reading to find out why I’ve suddenly fallen in love with weekdays as well as nine other things I’m currently grateful for.

I often get so caught up in my daily life that I forget to recognize all of the things I’m grateful for. Whether it’s huge things (getting the opportunity to attend University) 0r the small things (finding out that the ice cream shop near my house has Peppermint ice cream again) it’s so important to simply recognize how blessed you are! Today I’m going to be sharing ten things I’m grateful for right now.

Before we jump into the list, I wanted to share the outfit in todays post with you! My dress is from Rachel Parcell Collection. It is so classy and I love it! It’s also currently on sale. I paired it with the Rebecca Minkoff Bree Bag (sold out, similar here) and some nude heels from  Steve Madden.

rachel parcell pink dress rachel parcell pink dress

#1. I am thankful for silk sheets. I got silk sheets about a year ago and they are truly a game changer! My hair and skin have never been better. At first I didn’t find them very comfy, but I’ve completely adjusted and am obsesssssed!! Click here for the ones I have.

#2. My blog! As you saw earlier, I made the bold statement that I currently look forward to Mondays. Although blogging is a ton of work, I am truly passionate about it and am so excited to wake up on Monday mornings and check my email and start working!

#3. Blogging has also introduced me to so many great people!!! To name a few – Blair, Kelsey, Hillary, and Sydney! If you’re a blogger, I encourage you to put yourself out there and reach out to other bloggers. It’s so much more fun when you’re in community rather than making everything a competition. I truly believe that there’s room for everyone in this industry!

rachel parcell pink dress

#4. Lazy days. I definitely need days to re-charge and am so thankful for days where I have nothing scheduled except for watching Netflix and lounging around.

#5. My family and friends! I’m so thankful to have an amazing support system that loves me and supports all of my crazy ideas and aspirations.

#6. The only workout I will do without quitting after 30 seconds – Soul Cycle! I fell in love with Soul Cycle last December and it’s honestly the only way I will workout. I especially love the loud music and atmosphere. I also love that they have themed rides…so fun!!! If you’re terrible at motivating yourself to workout, try Soul Cycle!

rachel parcell pink dress rachel parcell pink dress

#7. All of the experiences that have led me to where I am today. It’s crazy to think about where I’m at versus where I thought I would be at this time a few years ago. I’m so thankful for every wrong turn and change of plans, because I’m so happy to be where I’m at right now!

#8. FOOD! Specifically nachos (except for the burnt ones I got yesterday). Nachos are my guilty pleasure and I would most definitely eat them every day if I could. I also love basically any type of unhealthy food (good thing I love soul cycle!).

#9. Online shopping. Do you ever just think about how limited you would be if there were no online stores!? No? Okay I’m the only crazy one here. BUT – I truly do love so many online stores and can’t even bear the thought of living without them. I may be a little addicted to shopping… some of my favorite online stores are: Revolve, ShopBop, Red Dress Boutique, Gal Meets Glam,

#10. Traveling. I have been so blessed to see so much of the world! I truly think traveling is such an important part of life and I can’t wait to travel more. A few places I would love to visit within the next year are: Banff, Nashville, and Europe.

Thank you so much for reading!!!! If you have time – comment one thing you’re grateful for in the comments below!

Much love,


images by Kim Graham Photography

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