5 Clothing Stores to Visit in Seattle

As a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I have spent my fair share of days exploring the many boutiques in/around Seattle. There are so many good ones and today I’m highlighting 5 Clothing Stores to Visit in Seattle! I decided to stick to the downtown (or just outside of) area, because there are so many on the Eastside and in other parts that I love as well and couldn’t narrow down. Make sure to stop into these shops on your next shopping excursion!

5 Clothing Stores to Visit in Seattle  5 Clothing Stores to Visit in Seattle 

#1: Aria x Mode

Located in Pacific Place, Aria x Mode offers classy pieces at a great price. I’ve recently become obsessed and have found some great pieces in there! The outfit I’m wearing throughout this blog post is all from Aria x Mode. They were gracious enough to gift it to me – and I love it! Top / Skirt / Bag

#2: Moorea Seal

Moorea Seal is very Instagram-worthy, filled with tons of colorful decor. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but they also have lots of adorable clothing and great accessories.

#3: Paper Delights

I’m a sucker for stationary, and Paper Delights is my go-to spot. It’s located in Wallingford and well-worth the drive outside of the city. They also offer calligraphy classes and they’re so much fun!

5 Clothing Stores to Visit in Seattle 

#4: Sway & Cake

Sway & Cake is filled with lots of gorgeous pieces that I’m always eyeing. I’m currently obsessed with this jumpsuit, this dress, and this dress. So many goodies!

#5: Velouria 

They offer clothing, accessories, and more…but my favorites always tend to be the jewelry! Lots of gold pieces that I’m obsessed with.

5 Clothing Stores to Visit in Seattle 

A Seattle Online Boutique I Love:

Rabecca Onassis Boutique – owned by Seattle blogger, Frilancy of Fris Closet. The two piece I’m wearing below is from Rabecca Onassis Boutique, and I’m absolutely obsessed with it for spring and summer. Thanks so much to this lovely boutique for providing me with this two piece!

5 Clothing Stores to Visit in Seattle 

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  1. Never been to Seattle, but it’s on my travel bucket list for sure. Great to know of these fun spots to shop whenever I get to visit!