Back to School with Lilly Pulitzer

I have loved Lilly Pulitzer ever since I was a little girl. I distinctly remember getting my first dress (it was pink!) and prancing around in it, feeling like royalty. Lilly has been my go-to choice for many big events, such as my 18th birthday party and various vacations. This year I wore the prettiest pink Lilly dress to my first day of Junior Year!

back to school with lilly pulitzer

I knew this dress was the perfect choice when I stopped into the grocery store before my first class on Monday wearing this pretty pink number and the cashier warned me that I would be receiving loads of compliments on this “adorable dress”. She was right! The dress is the perfect shade of pink, and I love that it has a gold trim – my two favorite colors! I paired it with some classic gold wedges (similar here).

back to school with lilly pulitzer back to school with lilly pulitzer

The first week of school always leaves me feeling a bit overwhelmed. With so many classes and different assignments, it’s crucial for me to carry an agenda. This year I’ll be using the Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda in Multi Mermaids Cove. The pattern is so bright and fun! I absolutely love Lilly¬†agendas/planners and have used them for years. I like to use mine to plan out school work, blog posts, as well as keep track of social events.

back to school with lilly pulitzer

My Own College Experience – I’ve decided to share a bit about my own school experience, as I am currently at my third University.

After high school graduation (class of 2016) I moved to New York City where I attended Parsons The New School for Design for one semester. I absolutely love New York and miss it so dearly – however, the school was not for me. Parsons was my “dream school” and I was devastated that I didn’t love it as much as I planned on. I knew within a week that I wanted to transfer, but had a hard time telling family/friends out of embarrassment. I have since learned how normal it is to transfer schools and how it truly doesn’t matter if you transfer or not! My friends/family have all been so supportive of my decisions and I am so thankful for that.

Keep reading to hear about my next two schools!

back to school with lilly pulitzer

From Parsons I transferred to Manhattan College (located in Bronx, NY). I moved out of my dorm at Parsons and into an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan! I commuted to class everyday and quickly found that I had a hard time fitting in at MC. My major was Elementary Education (I know, very random) and I had a hard time making friends and didn’t feel like I belonged. So….I transferred, again. This decision was an even harder one! I was optimistic that I would love Manhattan College, and again, it didn’t work out.

Currently, I am a Junior at Northwest University (located about 15-20 minutes from Seattle). While I don’t love the school, and don’t feel like I really fit in here either, I feel like I’m meant to be here right now. I’m majoring in Business Management – which I truly feel is a great fit for me. I have recently made a lot of business decisions for my blog (Anabelle Kristine is officially an LLC!) that align perfectly with the things I’m learning about. After graduation in May 2020 I would love to pursue my blog full-time, but we’ll see! I also love the business side of the fashion industry, as well as event-planning (I interned for a wedding planning company during the summer of 2017).

back to school with lilly pulitzer

Throughout all of the transferring and changes I have learned to stop freaking out when things don’t go as I dreamed they would. If you had told me that I would be at my third college (and back in Washington) when I graduated High School, I never would’ve believed you… but I wouldn’t change a thing!

Thank you for reading!!

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thank you so much to Lilly Pulitzer for the gifted products / all opinions are my own.



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