Leavenworth, Washington

You know those places that you go to all the time (sort-of, not really) and take for granted, until you see other people start going there? That’s me with Leavenworth. I’ve been many times in my life…probably once a year for as long as I can remember. Leavenworth is about a 2-hour drive from Seattle and is the perfect weekend-getaway destination! It’s a Bavarian-styled village and basically makes you forget you’re in Washington and think you drove two hours to Europe. After recently seeing a spike of bloggers’ heading to Leavenworth for the holidays, I spontaneously decided to drive up and explore. It’s funny how we often forget how cool things are until we see other people doing it.

Leavenworth WashingtonLeavenworth

Not only are the buildings European-styled and so cute (you guys, even the McDonalds is cute), but it’s also surrounded by snowy mountains! If you’re planning a trip up to Leavenworth, I highly recommend staying at the Post Hotel. I will be dreaming about this hotel until I save up enough money to head up there for a few days!

December Thoughts & FavoritesLeavenworth Washington

I’ve attached some photos of this insane hotel throughout the post! I could go on for hours about how amazing it is! Breakfast/lunch are included and made fresh by the chef everyday, there’s a spa, balconies in each room with incredible views, + did I mention there’s a half-indoor/half-outdoor infinity pool!? Do yourself a favor and start saving up for next December – it’s worth it!

Leavenworth Washington

Already looking forward to my next trip to Leavenworth! Also, Post Hotel, if you’re reading this..please sponsor me.

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