National Dress Day

In honor of National Dress Day I thought I would share some of my current favorite dresses! It’s no secret I’m a huge dress lover. I wear them basically every day, no matter where I’m headed. All of the dresses I’m sharing are under $50 and are perfect for spring!

One of the reasons I love dresses is that they are so easy to thrown on when you’re not in the mood to plan out a full outfit. Each season I always have a few go-to dresses that I can easily throw on with some booties or sandals (or tights/boots depending on the time of year). All of the dresses below would be perfect go-to’s for spring and summer! They are also all under $50 and many of them come in different colors/patterns. Celebrate National Dress Day and treat yourself!

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  1. I had no clue that national dress day was this week until it was already Here, haha! But I love dresses 24/7! Thanks for sharing some super cute ones, now I need to go shopping! Xo