Pizza Beach & NYFW

fashion week ootd fashion week ootd

Hello!!! Im here in New York City and am so happy and excited to be back. I went to my favorite restaurant (Freds at Barneys) yesterday and today headed to Pizza Beach, another restaurant that I absolutely love. If you’re headed to New York…you need to go to both! Pizza is one of my all-time favorite foods, especially in NYC!

fashion week ootd

The dress I’m wearing in these photos is from ShopBop! I love the color and it was so comfy to wear while wandering around NYC. It was also super stretchy, aka the perfect dress to wear while on my way to get lots of pizza!! My earrings are also from ShopBop. Gold earrings are my faveeee!!! I wore the comfiest pair of heels – from Steve Madden. My feet are already in so much pain after walking around, and I’ve been basically leaving in these shoes to try and relieve the pain.

fashion week ootd fashion week ootd

It’s so weird visiting New York after living here for about a year. I miss so many things about it (the food, my friends, the shopping, and photoshoot locations/opportunities) but am also reminded how much I hate 1. the traffic and 2. getting catcalled on the street! I love visiting for Fashion Week. It’s definitely worth getting a bit behind in school – because it’s such a fun opportunity! This year has been amazing so far and I can’t wait for the rest of the events I have this weekend.

fashion week ootd fashion week ootd

I had the privilege of attending an amazing event (one I seriously dreamed of going last year) and will be sharing that on my blog next week – it was so cool and I can’t wait to share!!!

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