Saying Goodbye to 2018 / Reflecting

I am so excited for the new year!!! 2018 was filled with lots of great memories and adventures. Although there were lots of great moments, I’m definitely ready to say goodbye and welcoming 2019 with open arms and high expectations! Today I’m going to be reflecting on my year and sharing some of my highlights and favorite memories.

Highlights From My Year

Charleston, South Carolina 

I spent a total of 33 days in Charleston this year and have fallen in love with that beautiful city! I am hoping to go back in early 2019. Going to Charleston and stepping out of my comfort zone also introduced me to Kelsey and Hillary – two bloggers who I was so blessed to meet this year! They have become great friends and I can’t wait to see them in the upcoming year. In Charleston I also had the opportunity to work with a local hotel, a few local brands/boutiques, and model for Dress & Dwell! I also ate way too many biscuits and spent many days getting sunburned on Folly Beach.

Modeling for Dress and Dwell in Charleston Wearing Rachel Parcell in Charleston, South Carolina Vintage Car in Charleston with Kelsey and Hillary

New York, New York

I visited New York three times this year. I went during Spring Break for fun, in September for NYFW, and in December to celebrate the holiday season. Each time was amazing and I had so much fun! I always love visiting the City and seeing friends/my favorite places that I’ve missed. I dream about the food from Freds at Barneys multiple times a month so that’s always a must when visiting! I also love taking photos in SoHo and throughout the city. There are so many perfect photo-spots! ALSO – I highly recommend making a reservation (shoutout to Francesca for making us one weeks in advance) to eat at the Blue Box Cafe!

 new york travel guide

Collaborating with Brands

I have had the privilege of working with/getting product from brands this year that I never thought I would work with! This year I have spent multiple hours a day working on my blog and it has been paying off. I am so excited about the brands I’ve worked with this year and can’t wait to see what is in store for Anabelle Kristine in 2019.

In 2018 I traveled to Hawaii (twice), Charleston (three times), New York City (three times), Waco & Dallas Texas, California, and Portland! I can’t wait to see where 2019 will take me…I’m hoping to visit lots of new places that I have never been before!

Below are a few more highlights from my year.

self care / palms and pretty flowers Coreo halloweentown Finding Joy in Everyday Life December Thoughts & Favorites

On Wednesday I will be sharing the ways I am welcoming 2019, as well as an exciting new change taking place this year!

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