The Importance of Self-Care / How I Do It

Even in the midst of a beautiful and warm summer it can be easy to become sad and feel depressed. I know I have this feeling occasionally – so today I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to love myself when I’m feeling down.

Throughout my entire life I have suffered with feelings of depression at times. It comes in waves, and ever since coming back from Charleston this past month has been particularly tough. When I do start to feel this way, It can be so tempting to neglect all of my responsibilities and stay in bed. I am guilty of doing this at times…but am trying to be better at it!

I also think that Instagram has a way of portraying the “perfect life”, due to the fact that most people (including myself) only share the highlights and the good times. It’s important to remember that just because bloggers post happy outfit posts, that doesn’t mean that their whole life is as happy as it seems!

Keep scrolling to read what has helped me whenever I’m in need of a pick-me-up.

self care / palms and pretty flowersself care / palms and pretty flowers

Buying Flowers / I have always loved fresh flowers (pink, preferably!). Flowers have a way of brightening my mood. I try and pick up fresh flowers from my local farmers market every Wednesday, and love buying a giant bouquet so I can put some in every room of my apartment. Such a simple gesture (and only cost about $10) yet make me so happy.

Taking Baths / If you know me, this one is pretty obvious. Something about taking a hot bath calms me down like nothing else. I will never confess how much time I spend in the bath, but just know it’s a lot. I have a saved folder on Instagram title “baths” where I save some bath photo inspiration… hahahah. I’ve attached a few below so you can see, because they really are so cool!


Music and Journaling / I am an over-thinker and am always trying to plan everything. Because of this, I have acquired many journals and planners. Whenever I’m feeling stressed, I love writing out my thoughts and making random lists. I also love listening to calming music while doing this. One of my favorite Spotify playlists is “Calming Christian”.

self care / palms and pretty flowers self care / palms and pretty flowers

Learning Something New / There are so many hobbies and things that I would love to try, but never seem to make time for it. When I’m feeling down, I love browsing Pinterest for new ideas and things to inspire me and boost my mood. One thing I would love to do is sign up for a cooking class – I think this would be so fun and something to look forward to. I’ve taken handlettering and calligraphy classes in the past and also think those are great ways to feel better. After taking the class I always feel so inspired and love practicing my new skill. Keep in mind – you don’t need to take a class! There are tons of YouTube videos and online tutorials if you’re looking to learn a new skill.

Cleaning / On days I’m feeling particularly down, I love challenging myself to clean at least one room or tackle one project that I’ve been avoiding. Lately I’ve been working on organizing one of the rooms in my apartment…and I often find myself procrastinating and putting it off. However, once I actually do it…I feel so much better!

Next time you’re feeling down I hope these can help you as much as they help me! Keep in mind – these will not “cure” your depression and I highly recommend seeing a counselor if you’re feeling down all the time. I do have a counselor and it really helps to talk to someone to get my thoughts out! These are just some pick-me-ups that have helped me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for reading & have a lovely day!

Much love,


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  1. Love this post! Self care is so important and so OVERLOOKED and i feel like it doesnโ€™t always require a ton of effort to give oUrselVes a little tlc!