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Happy Wednesday! I’m off to New York for NYFW and will be there until Monday (can’t miss school for too long!). So excited to see all of my friends, meet some blogger-friends, attend shows/events, and eat at all of my favorite places!! I’ve flown a lot recently and although I’m not a huge fan of flying, I like to take advantage of the free-time to get stuff done for school and my blog. And watch a little Gilmore Girls while I’m at it! Today I’m sharing the travel essentials that I carry with me when I fly.

Mckie Rae

For my airplane outfit, I typically always opt for a comfy dress and some booties. Wearing a dress helps me feel put-together, while also still comfy at the same time. I always bring a coat also, since I get so cold on planes! The mini lookbook below features some airplane-ready dresses!

In the photos throughout this post I’m wearing a dress from McKie Rae! This dress is so cute and would transition to fall perfectly. I paired it with some black booties and my DIFF Eyewear sunglasses. I can’t wait to re-wear this outfit all fall long. It’s so comfy and perfect for fall-weather in Seattle!

Mckie Rae Mckie Rae

Like I said earlier – I get so cold on planes! Below are some coats that will keep you warm on the flight. I tend to go for longer coats so that they can drape over my legs!

Mckie Rae

I use a tote bag that I found at Target as my carry-on. It’s black and easily stores all of my essentials + my laptop. I store it under my seat so I can easily access everything without having to get out of my seat! Here are a few similar options –

Below is a lookbook filled with all of the random travel essentials that I always take with me…from snacks to beauty products! The pencil pouch featured below is similar to the one that I have in my bag – and I use it for keeping all of my cords (earbuds, phone charger, laptop charger, etc) together!

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  1. I love the travel essentials you shared! A long coat or any kind of sweater is always a must for me as well. I get cold so easily and especially on planes. Love that convenient hand sanitizer package too!