Wearing Dresses in The Winter

I am cold about 95% of the time. & I absolutely hate it! As someone who wears dresses everyday, even in the winter, I often have to sacrifice comfort for looking cute. When booking a trip to NYC for this December (I just got back a few days ago!) I knew I wanted to wear lots of adorable dresses. BUT! I also knew it would be in the 30s and windy. In today’s post I’m sharing ways I stayed warm, yet still wore dresses, in the cold NYC weather!

Wearing Dresses in the WinterWearing Dresses in the Winter

Outfit Details

Dress / Sweater (sold out, similar here) / Tights / Boots

Wearing Dresses in the Winter

Dresses are my favorite thing to wear! While in NYC, I wore dresses the entire time – but surprisingly wasn’t too cold. One of the things I constantly did was layering. I always wore a pair of black tights. They definitely kept my legs warm! I wore booties/boots throughout the trip, and always had a pair of black socks on top of my tights. No one could tell – but they added an extra layer of warmth. I would also suggest wearing leggings instead of tights, to be even warmer! I like the look of tights better so opted for those.

Wearing Dresses in the WinterWearing Dresses in the Winter

I also wore gloves the entire time! I forgot to bring some, so I stopped at Duane Reade and picked some up for a few dollars. They kept my hands warm (my hands get SO cold!). I also brought ear muffs that I wore a few times when it was extra windy.

If you look at my Instagram, you may notice I’m not wearing a coat in most of my photos. However, I always had a coat behind the camera!! The black coat I’m wearing in the photo above was worn basically my entire trip. It’s so warm! I recommend bringing a black coat so it will match your outfits. Here are two that I love: this one & this one.

If you’re headed somewhere cold this winter yet want to wear a dress, I would also recommend wearing a sweater dress! They are a lot warmer and are so comfy. I’m sharing a few of my favorites below.

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